About the Evaluation

This website is for the project conducting the Joint Evaluation of the International Trade Centre (ITC). It is supported by a group of seven donors led by Danida. The purpose of the evaluation is to assess the comparative advantages of the ITC, to evaluate the performance of the ITC’s interventions, and to assess the management capacity of the ITC and the Donor-Funding Modalities, in order to develop recommendations for future management and development of the ITC.


Final Reports Posted

The Final version of the Synthesis Report and revised background reports are posted on the website. Also the final revised Management Response from ITC  is posted. April 2006.

The links are as follows:

Volume 1: Synthesis Report

Volume 2: Methodology

Volume 3: Country Perspective

Volume 4: Product Perspective

Volume 5: Corporate Performance and Capacity

Volume 6: Global Context


The Terms of Reference for the evaluation state the following objectives:

  • The first main objective of the evaluation is to determine ITC’s results, and success in fulfilling its objectives … by measuring output, outcome and impact to the extent possible.

  • The second main objective is to determine the comparative advantage of the organization within the international trade and development community, which has changed significantly, especially during the past decade.

  • The evaluation is further expected to offer recommendations on priority setting and on steps ITC should take to improve its future performance.

The International Trade Centre (ITC) is the technical cooperation agency of the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) and the World Trade Organization (WTO) for operational, enterprise-oriented aspects of trade development. For further information on the ITC, please consult the website, http://www.intracen.org/.

The Evaluation is being conducted by a consortium of four companies led by DMI Associates with Ticon Development Consulting Associates, Copenhagen Development Consulting, and Ace-Global as partners.  

The Evaluation was launched in January 2004 and will be completed by October 2005. The team of evaluators conducted a series of field and technical studies during the period from June until September 2004. Country studies were conducted in ten countries, India and Vietnam in Asia, Burkina Faso, Kenya and Tanzania in Sub-Saharan Africa, Kyrgyz Republic and Moldova in the CIS/CEE, Tunisia in the Mediterranean, and Saint Lucia and El Salvador in Latin America and the Caribbean. The selection of countries is based on the pattern of ITC activities and projects in different regions. In order to ensure coverage of different areas of competence of ITC, additional projects and activities will be evaluated in other countries including Brazil, China, Latvia and South Africa in conjunction with the product studies.

Technical studies were conducted on various ITC services and products including through the use of e-questionnaires administered on this website. In total 16 product areas of ITC are being evaluated. In addition there are studies of the trade and development context and the ITC role in the provision of Trade Related Technical Assistance. Finally various studies are being conducted of the organisation.

All of these reports and studies will be integrated into a Synthesis Report.

The overall conduct of the Joint Evaluation is supervised by representatives of a Core Group of Donor and Beneficiary countries and supervision of operational management is assigned to a Management Group.

Documents and information will be posted on this website as the Evaluation proceeds.

Purpose of the Website

The purpose of the website is:

  • to provide information about the evaluation;
  • to facilitate the circulation of documents and reports as these become available;
  • to facilitate the use of e-questionnaires; and
  • to provide a vehicle for dialogue and feedback.
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