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DMI Associates, based in France, specialises in economic integration, economic co-operation and in co-operation in governance and justice reform with a strong network of partners throughout Europe and in emerging markets in different regions of the world. The firm specialises in economic co-operation, development of the legal and regulatory basis for economic development, development of institutional capacity for economic and regulatory policies, development of institutional capacity for better governance and of strengthening of the justice systems.

The company’s key areas of competence include design of trade and investment policy; trade and investment promotion; institutional strengthening and legal advice for accession to the WTO and accession to the European Union, economic reform and international integration in transition economies, development of legal and regulatory systems for economic regulation and governance issues. DMI collaborates with the leading consulting and law firms in Europe and NGO’s and has the proven capability to mobilise high quality expertise and provide legal and regulatory support geared to the needs of the beneficiary. DMI has successfully implemented large multidisciplinary training and institutional strengthening projects to support economic reform in transition economies.

DMI has extensive experience in supporting trade and economic reform in different regions of the world. In Southeast Asia, DMI has implemented a major capacity building project for economic Ministries in Cambodia, and support to strengthening of the judicial system in Indonesia. In the Mediterranean region, DMI has successfully implemented projects to support trade reform in Algeria, Egypt, and Tunisia. DMI has extensive experience in supporting economic reform and transition in transition economies with projects related to export promotion, WTO accession and implementation, PCA implementation, and EU legal approximation in Azerbaijan, Georgia, Kyrgyz Republic, Russia and Uzbekistan as well as institutional strengthening of prison systems in Russia and Georgia. In particular DMI has implemented projects to support economic transition and WTO accession in Bhutan, Cambodia, China, Estonia, Uzbekistan and Yemen. DMI also has implemented projects to support WTO implementation and trade and investment in many countries in Africa and in South Asia.

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