ACE Global

Ace Global Private Limited, based in India, is a consultancy firm specialising in International Business and Marketing Strategy, extending from the enterprise to the sectoral and national levels of application. The firm’s services are positioned to meet the needs and challenges of firms, industry associations and even government bodies in India and other countries in the post-liberalization era in India and the post WTO trade order world wide, enabling clients to find the right business and market strategy amidst constantly evolving global trade and investment patterns under the WTO and other regional formations. 

In the area of trade and investment services, Ace Global serves foreign investors, besides Govt. agencies and industry/ trade associations, through its following practice areas:

  • Market Entry Programmes
  • Business Structuring and Regulatory Approvals
  • Corporate Advisory/Legal Services
  • Statutory Compliance Practices
  • Marketing Solutions
  • Trouble shooting assistance
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