Volume 2: Methodology

The Evaluation commenced in January 2004 and an initial work plan was presented to the Core Group in February 2004.  In April 2004 the Draft Final Inception Report and the Draft Desk Study had been submitted for comments by the Core Group. The Draft Final Inception Report was revised based on the comments from the members of the Core Group and circulated again for comment during the summer of 2004.  The Draft Final Inception Report describes the methodologies to be used and the overall approach to the Evaluation. The Draft Final Inception Report describes the TRTA reference framework developed to analyse the ITC and the process of country selection for country studies.

There are four modalities or perspectives to the evaluation of the ITC. One modality is the ten country studies, the second modality is the assessment of ITC products, the third modality is the organisation perspective, and the fourth is the external perspective examining ITC’s role in the provision of TRTA.

http://www.itcevaluation.org/filedir/Project documents/Different project reports/Inception report/Final Inception Report.pdf Final Inception Report  1.16 MB 

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