Volume 1: Synthesis Report

The Synthesis Report draws on all the analysis and studies conducted in the Evaluation. The report is structured in three parts:

Part I:  provides the Context for the Evaluation. Chapter 1 is an introduction, while Chapter 2 summarizes the methodology. Chapter 3 reviews key aspects of ITC’s mandate, policy direction, governance and accountability framework, as well as its sources of financial support, as a basis for the analysis in later chapters. Chapter 4 briefly reviews ITC’s programming and management and it’s organisational and programme structure. Chapter 5 describes the external environment within which ITC operates.

Part II: Relevance, Performance and Capacity presents the Evaluation’s overall analysis, findings and conclusions. It is structured in terms of the three clusters of Key Evaluation Questions in the Terms of Reference. Comparative advantage is addressed in Chapter 6, providing a backdrop for the analysis in subsequent chapters. Performance of ITC’s interventions is covered in Chapters 7 and 8. Capacity issues, including donor funding, are addressed in Chapters 9 and 10, including the related issues of governance, accountability and financing modalities in Chapter 9, and corporate management and performance in Chapter 10.

Part III: Building for the Future presents the Evaluation’s recommendations based on the findings and conclusions in Part II. These are forward-looking and intended to provide a basis for strengthening the organisation, its focus, programmes and financing. Chapter 11 presents recommendations for the harmonization of financial modalities and the strengthening of accountability and policy and programme direction. Chapter 12 sets out recommendations on strengthening operational effectiveness. Chapter 13 is addressed to the integration of development goals in ITC operations, strengthening partnerships, and options for the continuing evolution of ITC.

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