Volume 6: Global Context

The volume Global Context for Trade and Development  reviews the key features of the changing global context for trade and development, the growing role of Trade-Related Technical Assistance and  assesses the ITC response to these developments in terms of working with development partners and identifies future implications for the ITC.

http://www.itcevaluation.org/filedir/Reports/Global Context A/Role of Trade Support Networks.pdf Role of Trade Support Networks.pdf  300.72 KB  

http://www.itcevaluation.org/filedir/Reports n/Global Context n/Survey_of_TRTA.pdf Survey_of_TRTA.pdf  927.99 KB 

http://www.itcevaluation.org/filedir/Reports n/Global Context n/Trade_and_Development.pdf Trade_and_Development.pdf  260.91 KB  

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