Governance and organisation
The evaluation will be conducted under the overall supervision of a Management Group composed of a limited number of donor countries (to be defined). The Management Group will appoint its own chair. Denmark will act as the lead agency. In specific terms the Management Group will:
  1. In co-operation with ITC brief the service provider at the inception stage, and as often as necessary on the operations, governing bodies and organizational structure of ITC, relevant documents and data sources, and ITC’s past and ongoing work program of independent evaluations.

  2. Provide written comments to the service provider on all its deliverables in order to facilitate and enhance the compliance of the evaluation with the agreed TOR and methodology. These comments will address any deviation from the requirements of the TOR, in addition to methodological issues and any factual issues or inaccuracies concerning ITC that the Management Group may consider relevant to the Evaluation. However, the Management Group shall not interfere into the Evaluation findings and recommendations.

A Core Group, composed of representatives of donor and recipient countries, will serve in an advisory capacity to the Management Group. The Core Group will follow the evaluation and comment on the TOR and all draft documents. In specific terms, the Advisory Core Group will:

  1. Review and endorse the TOR;

  2. Endorse the selection of the Evaluation Team, as recommended by the Management Group under the procedures described below;

  3. Review mid-term progress, draft reports and the draft final synthesis report of the Joint Evaluation; and,

  4. Liaise on an ongoing basis with a broader Consultation Group also combining participation from donors and beneficiaries of technical co-operation.

The Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at ITC will act as a Resource Person for the Management Group and the Advisory Core Group and serve as the primary contact at ITC. The Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at ITC will facilitate the work of the Service Provider, including assisting the Management Group in its task as described under 8a above, and will ensure that the Management Group and the Service Provider promptly receives all documents and other information required. The Senior Monitoring and Evaluation Officer at ITC will not be responsible, however, for the findings, recommendations or the contents of the Joint Evaluation.

The Management Group will ensure that all interested stakeholders are kept informed through open-ended and informal consultations.

A homepage of the Evaluation will be established at the Internet site of the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

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