Deliverables and milestones

The deliverables of the Evaluation process correspond to the main tasks described above. These deliverables will be produced according to the following outline plan:

  1. Deliverable 1 is an inception report, required within one month of the award of the contract.

  2. Deliverable 2 is the desk review described in Phase I, required within three months of the award of the contract.

  3. Deliverable 3 is a Briefing Note to the annual JAG Meeting, 35th Session, planned for April 2004, on preliminary findings and conclusions.

  4. Deliverable 4, based on Phase II, is a report on the evaluation of ITC’s interventions in recipient countries, the thematic cross-border programmes and ITC’s co-operation with other international organisations. It will be submitted within six months after the award of the contract.

  5. Deliverable 5 is the draft final synthesis report, to be submitted no later than nine months after the award of the contract.

  6. Deliverable 6 is the final report, required within eleven months of the award of the contract.

Each report will be as concise as possible and submitted in English. The language should be reader friendly and direct. It will avoid euphemisms when describing problems and shortcomings, but convey respect for the people evaluated by the Evaluation. The consultants will provide 20 copies of each report to the Chair of the Management Group.

The service provider will submit all the above-mentioned deliverables to the Chair of the Management Group, who will share these deliverables with the Management Group, the Advisory Core Group, the Consultation Group and the ITC Secretariat, as appropriate. They will provide comments as follows:

  1. The Management Group will comment on any aspect of all the deliverables that helps to ensure that the Evaluation Team conducts its work in accordance with the TOR.

  2. On Deliverables 1-3, ITC management will provide comments that relate exclusively to factual matters.

  3. ITC management will provide comments on factual matters as well as matters of judgement upon receipt of Deliverable 5 (the draft final synthesis report). Upon receipt of Deliverable 6 (the final report), it will, in addition, provide a management response to the Joint Advisory Group that contains the management reaction to the Evaluation and sets forth its views on the feasibility or otherwise of the Evaluation recommendations. The management response will explain why certain recommendations, if any, are considered non-feasible and how management would propose to implement the recommendations that it finds acceptable. The management response will be attached, as a separate document, to the final Evaluation report.

The service provider will decide which of the comments it receives should be incorporated in the final report. The evaluation policy sets forth the general rule, which will also apply to the Evaluation, that:

  1. The final report must incorporate comments that point out factual errors or inaccuracies.

  2. Judgements that differ from those of the Evaluation Team may be incorporated by means of a note in the report.

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