Team composition and profile

The evaluation team should consist of a team leader, a core team of evaluators and short-term specialists covering the following areas of expertise:

  • Trade promotion and marketing
  • Economic development, especially in LDCs
  • Legal framework
  • Training and transfer of knowledge
  • Organizational and institutional aspects
  • Statistical knowledge (sampling and statistical analysis of results)

The team leader and preferably some of the key team members must have extensive experience from conducting evaluations. The team leader shall also have demonstrated experience in conducting complex assignments as well as extensive experience in trade and development.

The team leader should be a permanent staff member of the leading partner in a consortium of consultants companies (which could also include individual consultants) or an individual consultant setting up a team under his sole responsibility

Use of local consultants and expertise to conduct the country evaluations is encouraged. The service provider and its team must demonstrate that they can organize in-country research and national resources, including national consultants for the field-based part of the Evaluation. In addition, the service provider will organize national data-collection teams in each of the countries in which the Evaluation will carry out independent validation. These teams may be recruited among individuals or from national service providers such as consulting firms, non-governmental organizations and academic institutions. The tenderers are not expected to identify these teams at the proposal stage, but they will provide lumpsum budget estimates. The service provider will ensure that the national data-collection team members have the experience and skills required for the task assigned to them and have no conflict of interest.

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