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De Silva, L. and Weston, A. (2002): Report of the Summative Evaluation of the Joint Integrated Technical Assistance Programme (JITAP) [ITC/UNCTAD/WTO] (including Management Response).

Haarberg K. (2002 - undated): Review of Technical Cooperation in UNCTAD, the WHO and ITC.

Integrated Framework for Trade-Related Technical assistance to Least Developed Countries, see

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International Trade Centre/UNCTAD/WTO (2003): Annual Report 2002, ITC/AG(XXXVI)/193 (including Add. 1: Summary Review of Technical Cooperation Projects Operational in 2002 and Add. 2: Statistical Tables)

International Trade Centre/UNCTAD/WTO: Financing for Development – Monterrey, March 2002;

International Trade Centre/UNCTAD/WTO: The Doha Development Agenda and ITC;

Joint Integrated Technical Assistance Programme to Selected Least Developed and other African Countries (JITAP), see.

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ITC/EV/6/00. Menon B., Boyede, O. and Jaramillo, C. (2002): South-South Trade: Reflections for the Future. A Report of the Evaluation of South-South Development Programmes of the International Trade Centre (ITC)

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