Conduct of the Evaluation

The Evaluation has been conducted by an independent team of evaluators and specialists in trade-related technical assistance, together with local and regional evaluators, under the overall supervision of a Management Group composed of the sponsoring countries (Canada, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Switzerland and the United Kingdom), with Denmark as lead agency. A Core Group of representatives of donor and recipient governments has served in an advisory and governance capacity. As an independent evaluation, it has been carried out by entities and persons free of the control of those responsible for the design and implementation of the development intervention.  

The Evaluation’s approach has been comprehensive, including an evaluation of ITC performance at the country, product and corporate levels, as well as governance and financing, and an assessment of the external context. It has been based on evaluation principles and criteria common to DAC/OECD members, and has taken into account approaches and standards used in evaluation in the United Nations system. Standard approaches to programme evaluation have been supplemented by institutional and management analysis appropriate to the particular circumstances of ITC.

The Evaluation was organized in four phases. The first was an Inception and Desk Study. The second phase consisted of a number of Field and Technical Studies. The field and technical studies were prepared as input documents for the report and were reviewed with ITC management and staff. In January 2005, the Management Group decided to extend the scope of the Final Report to include more extensive treatment of the background studies. The overall analysis of findings was undertaken concurrently during this third phase.  The Synthesis Report was then completed, together with a revision of the five volumes of background studies.


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